David Bowie (1947-2016)


The phone rang this morning. It was our 15 year old daughter, Rose. My husband had dropped her off at the bus stop for school, she’d heard the news about Bowie and called to tell me how sad she was. Proof positive (although not needed) of the immense impact David Bowie has had across the generations.

My first memories of Bowie are from the early 70’s. I went out and bought the fantastic “45”, ‘John I’m Only Dancing’. I loved Glam Rock, and no one was more Glam than Bowie. My Dad, Marty, had already played ‘Hunky Dory’ off the turntable and, having watched man first walking on the moon just a couple of years before, ‘Life on Mars’ had fed into the imagination of my 12-year-old mind.

Fast forward to the 80’s when my career began and Bowie was once more at the centre of the music scene. On ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ the stand-out track was ‘Ashes to Ashes’ which featured the style icons of the time ‘The Blitz Kids’ including Steve Strange. On my bedroom wall was a poster of David Bowie, a hypnotic portrait of an extraordinary artist who will never be forgotten.

Kim Wilde, 11 January 2016.