Kim Wilde on 26miles4MND

A photograph of Kim Wilde appeared on 24miles4mnd, a marathon photographic portrait initiated by Miles Pilling and Cristian Barnett. The aim is to raise awareness about the devastating but little understood disease Motor Neurone Disease, and to seek sponsorship for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The project started on August 14, 2018 and culminated on September 9, when Cristian ran 26 miles in the Tallinn marathon in Estonia.

The Real Thing

On the 2nd of Feb 2018 I received a message on Twitter from ‘The Real Thing’, (Eddy, Chris and Dave), after I posted the video for our new single ‘Pop Don’t Stop’, it said: ‘Fabulous Kim Wilde, she’s an icon of British Music, Lovin’ this Kim! British music, you and Ricky ‘have done good’.


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