The Real Thing

On the 2nd of Feb 2018 I received a message on Twitter from ‘The Real Thing’, (Eddy, Chris and Dave), after I posted the video for our new single ‘Pop Don’t Stop’, it said: ‘Fabulous Kim Wilde, she’s an icon of British Music, Lovin’ this Kim! British music, you and Ricky ‘have done good’.

New single: 'Pop Don't Stop'

'Pop don't stop' will be the first single from Kim's new album. The song was premiered on BBC Radio 2 on the Ken Bruce show on Monday, January 29. The single will be released worldwide the next day.

The artwork for the single was created by Kim's niece Scarlett, who also designed the album cover.

A music video is also being made. A silent teaser has already been premiered; you can see it below.


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