New box set: Love Blonde – The RAK Years

On 23 February 2024, Cherry Pop will release a new 4 CD box set entitled ‘Love Blonde – The RAK Years’. It is the most comprehensive collection of Kim’s RAK output ever assembled. Boasting 50 tracks across four CD’s, it brings together three classic studio albums, ‘Kim Wilde’, ‘Select’ and ‘Catch as Catch Can’, each remastered and expanded with bonus tracks, plus an exclusive new remix album called ‘Special Disco Mixes’. This remix album features 12” versions of ten singles, extended and reinvented in the spirit of the Eighties. Six of these mixes have been newly commissioned especially for this package.

Presented in a stunning lift-off lid box with special print finish, each album in this package is housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring the original vinyl artwork. The 48-page booklet features lyrics, a RAK discography, rare and previously unseen photos and new sleeve notes written by Kim Wilde expert Marcel Rijs.

Kim’s diary looks as busy as ever, with live dates across Europe lined up for 2024 and a new studio album on the horizon. We are delighted to continue our successful partnership with this perennial icon of British pop!

You can pre-order the box set via this link.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

CD 1
‘Kim Wilde’

  1. Water On Glass
  2. Our Town
  3. Everything We Know
  4. Young Heroes
  5. Kids in America
  6. Chequered Love
  7. 2-6-5-8-0
  8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong
  9. Falling Out
  10. Tuning In Tuning On
  11. Shane
  12. Boys
  13. He Will Be There

CD 2

  1. Ego
  2. Words Fell Down
  3. Action City
  4. View from a Bridge
  5. Just a Feeling
  6. Chaos at the Airport
  7. Take Me Tonight
  8. Can You Come Over
  9. Wendy Sadd
  10. Cambodia
  11. Cambodia – Reprise
  12. Child Come Away
  13. Bitter Is Better
  14. Watching For Shapes
  15. Just Another Guy

CD 3
‘Catch as Catch Can’

  1. House of Salome
  2. Back Street Joe
  3. Stay Awhile
  4. Love Blonde
  5. Dream Sequence
  6. Dancing in the Dark
  7. Shoot to Disable
  8. Can You Hear It
  9. Sparks
  10. Sing It Out For Love
  11. Rain On
  12. Back Seat Driver

CD 4
‘Special Disco Mixes’

  1. Kids in America (Luke Mornay Remix)
  2. Chequered Love (Matt Pop Extended Version)
  3. Water on Glass (Project K Soundtrack) *
  4. Cambodia (Matt Pop Extended Version)
  5. View from a Bridge (Project K Soundtrack) *
  6. Take Me Tonight (Luke Mornay Profondo Giallo Mix) *
  7. Child Come Away (Matt Pop Remix)
  8. Love Blonde (Project K’s Limelight Mix) *
  9. Dancing in the Dark (Luke Mornay Moonlight Mix) *
  10. House of Salome (Luke Mornay Mix of the Seven Veils) *
  • Exclusive new 2024 mixes, previously unreleased